Sarasota Computer Doctor:
Tech Support by Ed Gross

Especially Geared for 1st Time Users & Seniors

We can help with:

★ Microsoft Apps (Applications); Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.
★ Mac, and Mac apps like iTunes, Mail, Iphoto etc.
★ Help with iPhone, & iPad, support and syncing.
★ Setting up default settings in Windows or on the Mac.
★ Troubleshoot Frustrating Computer Glitches and Errors
★ Installing Apps &Virus Protection
★ Old App Problems on a new computer or upgraded Operating System
★ Help setting up a basic website.           ★ Private Lessons / Tutoring

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A few favorite links.

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Crowley Museum
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Travel Related
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I have extensive experience working with Microsoft Office and can work with most common Apple applications. In 1984 I purchased my first Apple 2E computer and began teaching myself computerese. Eventually I moved on to Windows and Mac computers.

Professionally I ended up Computerizing several companies and have Taught people how to use the computers in both commercial and private use.

I am a Certified Microsoft Professional having passed their exam on microsoft's various operating systems.

I have built and repaired Windows Base Computers over the years but now with the low cost of computers, I limit my work to software installations, updates, and troubleshooting.

Finally, I am experienced in peer to peer networking, and can diagnose and troubleshoot connectivity issues.

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